The most important thing to me is seasonality, the notion that the activities of my daily life absolutely should be dictated by the demands of the current season. My creative practice supports this through a focus on responding to locality. Practically, I work in installation, and have worked extensively in poetry, music, and performance. I am interested in conceptual through-lines; seasonality, the place where awe exists, interdependence, humor, emotional availability, our own edges - and using numerous mediums to create a body of work that explores these themes. As a young artist, in a period of exploration, my work seems at times jumbled and dispersed, but nonetheless honest; a commitment to “stumbling” and holding onto what becomes interesting. I want to aid people in accessing their own imaginations with work that moves between conciseness and discursiveness, and is open for interpretation. I am interested in “new ways of being,” but committed to achieving more than dreaming of better worlds. I have worked actively as a farm hand, animal caretaker, baker, music lesson teacher, and organizer of art events and shows. It has been my experience, and the shared view of many mentors, that the growing of food for your community is among the most valuable creative acts one can undertake. As a result, the stewarding of land has become a central node for my life and creative practice. 

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